What is LivOn?

LivOn enables ‘The 3rd-generation Telecare Service.’

It provides Smart Monitoring on wireless networks.


LivOn promotes a trustable wireless monitoring system for seniors and persons with disabilities (PWDs). The activity detector suggests more sophisticated care, with none of the hassles of using a touching device. Automatic identification of meaningful changes in the ADL leads to proactive action of the appropriate service providers. Monitoring of potential emergency cases could significantly level up the efficiency of caregivers, service companies, and public organizations. Of course, the user’s feeling of relief is a key factor of this system.

Trustworthy reporting in a timely manner is a key factor of quality proactive care. Traditional Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) alert service company only AFTER an incident has happened. LivOn uses several activity detector data and analytical algorithms to serve related caregivers and organizations. The accumulated user data serve as normal daily activity indexes, and certain deviations from them serve as triggers of potential emergency response from caregiving parties.


Smart notification from LivOn makes caregiving parties perform the right action with efficiency. The LivOn system’s capability and the caregiving parties’ response capability can provide the most meaningful combination of relief for your loved ones who need care.

  • Telecare

    Help trigger
    Activity detector
    Fall detector
    Temp & humidity sensor

  • Safety

    Fire detector
    Gas detector
    Intrusion detector
    Flood detector

  • Healthcare

    Glucose meter
    Blood Pressure gauge
    Weighing scale



How can you have Smart Telecare Service with LivOn? LivOn enables ‘The 3rd-generation Telecare Service‘ for caregiving organizations, families, and beneficiaries. LivOn provides the most enhanced telecare devices and sensors with an adoptable service platform that includes applications and smartphone apps.

  • His/her family is assured of
    his/her interactive safety.

  • Caregiving organizations
    enjoy effective service.

  • The beneficiary feels safe.
    and connected

How does LivOn work?

LivOn wireless base unit and sensors are installed in the user’s house and connected with Service Platform.

Activity Detector - Installed in living
   rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
- Transmits sensed data periodically

Fire / Gas Detector Transmits
detected data when
an event breaks out

Help Trigger Press button for help
from anywhere in or
around your home

Pedometers Tracks movement data inside & outside the home

Telecare Base Unit - Collecting data from various detectors.
- Mobile Network (LTE, WCDMA, GSM)

Mobile Network(LTE, WCDMA, GSM)

LivOn Base Unit uses mobile carrier
to send data and voice.

[Telecare Servcie Platfrom] Care Center - Activity monitoring
- Healthcare consulting
- Environmental monitoring
- Emergency call service
- Emergency dispatch
- Reporting service

Family & Community - Activity trend sharing
- Emergency notification and handling result

Why LivOn?

LivOn Base Unit works on wireless mobile networks (LTE/WCDMA/GSM).
Its sensors are operated with a battery on ZigBee and Bluetooth networks.
There is no need to invest in a wired power and network system.

LivOn is a self-diagnostic & self-management system.
It detects errors, alerts, and the battery status automatically.

LivOn uses FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) for firmware and function upgrades.
The complete update can be done remotely in minutes.

LivOn follows ZigBee and Bluetooth standards, meaning it can be expanded to various telecare and healthcare devices on the same league.

LivOn is a beautifully designed product. It is an
iF 2013 Product Design Award winner.
Design matters more to the elderly.

LivOn has a robust and crystal-clear sound system.
LivOn’s microphone and speaker are tuned to pick up and carry clear sounds even from long distances.

Telecare Era

We are at a crossroads in the supply of remote care. More and more people need new ways of providing care for the elderly, chronic patients, and the handicapped.

Telecare technology can be the most adequate solution to these challenges because it supports an easy-to-use and dependable solution for users, care service providers, and related business entities.

By delivering safety and health devices to users and management solutions to care organizations, LivOn telecare system opens the gate to the smarter telecare service.

Telehealth Era

We develop innovative health services for health care professionals to help them prevent and monitor patients suffering Chronic neurological and psychiatric disorders(Alzheimer, Parkinson, Depression and Epilepsy,etc)

LivOn solution is specializing in commercial services for medical institutions, protect organs, visiting nursing services and etc

LivOn Teleheatlh is a reliable solution through the clinical verification of the prediction and assessment algorithms.